Our Story

Who are we?

Our story starts with our founders who noticed there is a huge opportunity for improvement and professionalization of Human Resources in smaller companies. They realized, such companies do not have the time or resources to focus on the individual, which results in mismanagement and inferior quality of its services. That is why Key Hospitality exists. With our large network, our shared passion and our extensive knowledge, we improve your Human Resource Management in every way and take it to a higher level. 

“It has been, and continues to be, our responsibility to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.”

Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels

Our Vision & Mission

The world around us has changed and it continues to change. Development, an open mindset and flexibility are therefore essential to continue to grow, as a person but also as a company. Work and personal well-being are linked even more than before: if you grow on a personal level, you also grow in your work. If you feel good about yourself personally, this also has a positive influence on everything you do in your work. Investing in the people behind the work is essential for sustainable business operations and that starts with good HR management. From that vision, Key Hospitality started and this passion for growth is what drives us every day to become even better at what we do.

We Are Key

Meet Our Team

To me, hospitality means seeing the person you are dealing with for who he or she is. That one extra push, that extra effort, that is my definition of hospitality. And I can apply this everywhere, both in daily and in business life.

Nadja Carrillo


The quality of the experience will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten

Michael Klooster

Web Developer

To me, hospitality is something you find in the small things. It is about putting your soul into the work you do, the people you meet and the projects you take on. It’s about going the extra mile not because you have to, but because you love doing it.

Mischa van Rijsse

Marketing and HR Manager

Hospitality to me is being kind, warm, welcoming and caring. To me it also signifies a learning process, where we learn and embrace the good values from each other.

Nikhil Roy

Revenue and Pricing Manager

Hospitality for me is creating a feeling of comfort for others when they visit a new place. It makes my day to see them bring beautiful memories home

Gabriela Maneva

HR Executive

Hospitality is simply having the initiative to show genuine love and care for others

Muhamad Ariqyandri

Web Developer

Hospitality for me is what makes an ordinary experience unforgettable, with a personal touch and going the extra mile.

Femke de Ruig

Communications intern

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