Looking for talented staff for your company? We got you!

You need a strong HR partner to drive your business forward. With our highly knowledgeable team, we understand exactly what you need. We attract, manage and retain valuable talents, and connect them to you. It is our goal to simplify your HR processes so you have more time in hand to focus on things that matter the most!

Why us?

Quality over quantity

We have an eye for detail and we focus on quality. We are an organization where we encourage people to learn, develop their talents, go off the beaten track and always strive for the best results.

We are personal

We support our customers in the best possible way, by anticipating their needs, by working with them closely. We value integrity and open communication to deliver quick results.

Passionate about hospitality

All the people who work at Key Hospitality have many years of knowledge and experience in the world of hospitality. That is why we understand what you as an employer need and we can think along with you.

Experts in HR

Whether you have questions about a contract, or you want to motivate your employees to perform better, perhaps you need advice with regards to Employer Branding?: we got you! With our expertise and experience, we can offer you what you need to stand strong.

What we offer you

Your employees are your key to success

At Key Hospitality we have a great deal of experience with HR and Hospitality. We want to share our knowledge with companies who want advice or need guidance. Our services are mainly involved in finding the right match for your company, whether you are looking for a short term or long term.

Talent Management

We are experts in recruitment and selection. If you are looking for someone with specific skills, Key Hospitality will assist you in finding the right person.

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Our training is available to everyone in the hospitality industry.

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Visa & Immigration

Thinking of hiring a colleague from outside of the EU? Key Hospitality can help you so that your new employee can start working with you asap.

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Develop & Grow

Training for your staff

Key Hospitality offers a variety of training courses for your staff to develop their skills and improve their performance. By training your team you make your company future-proof, agile and stronger to respond to change. This way your employees are motivated and loyal towards the company.

  • Key Hospitality is a company that symbolizes growth. It is learning for the newest, and development for the experienced. I appreciate Key Hospitality to allow me to have my first job in the Netherlands.

    Maria Florencia Azpeitia

    Front Desk Receptionist

  • Key Hospitality has definitely enhanced many sectors of my professional profile. My customer service and social abilities have evolved greatly and I feel confident feeling with various daily matters.


    Receptionist at Key Hospitality

  • Key Hospitality has well-structured HR services. Whenever I need to hire new team members, Key Hospitality will find someone efficiently and quickly according to my requirements.


    Manager in Vondel Garden Hotel

Let’s get you started!

Whether you have a general query or need specific advice for employee placements, we are always there to assist you.