Hire skilled international candidates with ease

Is your company in need of employees who have a specific expertise and knowledge that is not readily available in the Netherlands or in the EU? In short, would you like to hire “highly skilled migrants” or a “kennismigrant”? Only companies that have been recognised as a sponsor by the IND can hire a non-EU citizen. It is time consuming and expensive to become a recognised sponsor.

Key Hospitality is an IND recognised sponsor – which means we can become the legal employer on your behalf. Do you want your employee to get to work as soon as possible? Then let us start with the application. During the entire procedure, Key Hospitality is in direct contact with both you and the employee, to ensure a smooth handling of the application.

What we offer you

Advise on salary requirements

Carry out the application process for the employee and for their family members

Schedule an appointment to pick up the visa

Schedule an appointment for the biometrics

How does the Visa & Immigration process work

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

We send you and the employee a list of all documents that are mandatory to start with the application process – these must be filled

You as an employer sign a contract with Key Hospitality

Key Hospitality drafts the employment agreement

Employee signs the employment agreement

Key Hospitality applies with the IND for the combined work and residence permit (in Dutch) TEV (Toegang en verblijf)

If all documents are correct, the IND approves the application and issues an MVV (a temporary visa to enter the Netherlands). They inform us about it: this usually takes around 2 weeks, but might take up to 90 days in some cases

Key Hospitality informs you (hirer) and the employee by sharing the IND approval letter

The employee makes an appointment with the Dutch Embassy in their home country to get an entrance visa (MVV) for the Netherlands. The employee must schedule this by themselves and inform Key Hospitality about their possible arrival date.

Key Hospitality can schedule appointments for IBAN, BSN and pick up the Residence Document once the arrival date is fixed.

Employee arrives in the Netherlands and picks up all necessary documents. You (hirer) must inform Key Hospitality about the first working day and we will initiate the payroll process.

Let us assist you

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